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Another generation SurePress touch big screen is the main have got of the Blackberry Storm2 9550 commonly known due to Storm2. SurePress is new touch screen then by just tapping it, you can not simply just navigate smoothly and hastily but also type correctly. With SurePress, your finger assists as the mouse rental you scroll from submission to application and when you find the targeted application, just press back on the screen. This particular clicking sound from our screen confirms that the desired application has just lately been opened. RIM introduced SurePress to put an part to the unintentional gap of apps and improper phone calls, a preferred problem with touch privacy screens. SurePress offers you a desire between the portrait form and the landscape manner. The Sure Type keyboard are featured in the symbol mode while the Messaging keyboard can be found in the landscape routine. One does have to experience use to the innovative SurePress touch screen, but then once you get some hang of it, typing directly into becomes pretty simple and therefore error free.

The Blackberry Storm2 is considered the first to are produced with Wi-Fi. Though a new BlackBerry Storm already suffered with 3G, the addition off Wi-Fi speeds up each of our data transfer plus it also is s an all natural way to get world wide web when you are done of the 3G region. The OS 5.0 has extremely enhanced browsing making this kind of much faster. The vocal quality is rich, lucid and the noise treating technology helps to lose background noise.

The Blackberry Storm 5 offers the best concerning the best when the product comes to offering clients as many features simply because one desires, all draped up in one little bit device. It includes pre-installed Yahoo Messenger, AIM, The various search engine Talk and Window Live, making the Blackberry Storm2 all the more fascinating. opens Vitality Point, Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF, WordPerfect etc. Copy/ paste/cut option is in addition included in the Rim Storm2. While the calendar, memo pad, task list, calculator and voice camera will take care on your scheduling.

The Storm2 comes from a 256 MB expensive memory which is extra strengthened by 2GB connected onboard media memory. You see, the microSD can be elevated to 32 GB that provides the user plenty among space for video electronic files and music. The in-built media player supports one specific number of audio printers such as MP3, AAC+ etc and WMV, MPEG4 and H.264 video movies on the video front side. The 3.2 inch HVGA (480×360) screen resolution makes a new decent display for you’re YouTube downloads and supplementary video content.